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   Thymuskin Shampoo   
The revolutionary hair product that has been successful thoroughout the world in the prevention of hair loss and to regrow hair


What is Thymus?

Recently, daytime diva Oprah Winfrey told ABC Good Morning America's Robin Roberts that she has a Thyroid condition. The onset of autoimmune thyroid problems are especially common in women as they age.. Some of the common problems assoicated with Thyroid conditions such as Oprah's are also linked to women experiencing thinning hair and hairloss.

Thyroid and hairloss- The types of physical situations that can cause hair loss include hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, a variety of medications, surgery, and many medical conditions, in particular, Thyroid disease.

Some people actually complain that rapid hair loss is the worst symptom of their thyroid problem.Thymuskin shampoo and treatment lotion, developed in Germany treats hairloss as an autoimmune disease and they work by applying a topical thymus extract to boost the bodies immune system. Thymuskin has helped to stop hair loss and regrow hair in these situations of hair loss due to thyroid problems.

Expert Immunologists in the United States and Germany involved in independent laboratory research have concluded beyond any doubt, that the peptide molecules of the thymus extract also called thymosin, found in ThymuSkin are extremely active in stimulating the human immune system. Thus, ThymuSkin or thymosin helps hold off the aging process as well. When extra thymosin protomorphogen are added to the blood, an oncrease resistance to infections, cancer and age related deterioration takes place. The most convenient method is to massage the thymus extract into the scalp to preserve hair against possible fallout, regrow hair that's been lost, and simultaneously boost the immune system.

In March 1991, Elise L. Heinrich of Frankfurt, Germany, a happily married thirty-two-year-old woman who had undergone one prior miscarriage and subsequent temporary thinning of the hair, gave birth to a healthy baby. But she lost a lot more hair within four weeks of the delivery. Mrs. Heinrich's hair finally stopped falling after a year, but no new growth returned and bare scalp was apparent. Then, the new mother's baldness worsened even further over the next six months after she stopped nursing. Her obstetrician/gynecologist tried many remedies but after another half-year managed to do nothing much to help her. Wearing a wig became a way of life, for she remained totally bald.

Mrs. Heinrich had taken no medications other than oral contraceptives. She complained of feeling tired all the time. Results of the patient's physical examination and history were normal, but her laboratory examination revealed hypothyroidism (a low thyroid level) and infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), causing chronic fatigue syndrome.

These abnormalities -- prior pregnancy, discontinuance of nursing, using oral contraceptives, hypothyroidism, EBV infection -- could have triggered her underlying androgenetic alopecia, said a skin specialist at the Municipal Clinics at Darmstadt.

Else L. Heinrich eventually got rid of her alopecia within another six months of applying theThymuSkin® treatment program which is recommended by the entire dermatological staff at the Darmstadt Hospital in Germany.

The Thymus Gland is a vital human organ located deep in one's chest under the breastbone. The arteries supplying the Thymus are derived for the internal mammary, and from the superior and inferior Thyroid.

Thymus Function - The Thymus Gland secretes thymus peptides into the blood, and when strong and functioning properly, acts as a regulator of the immune system which produces anti-bodies to fight disease and disorders which may number in the thousands.

As we age, the Thymus Gland shrinks, and this condition correlates with the production of "autoimmune" diseases.

The word "autoimmune" is defined as; an immune response of the body against one of it's own tissues or types of cells.

Many specialists believe that baldness is an autoimmune disease in which the balding person's own white blood cells are recognizing hair follicles as "foreign proteins" which need to be eliminated. Thus, through a myriad of chemical conversions, the weakening immune system produces autoantibodies which are directly responsible for the attack, deterioration and eventual death of the hair follicles. As our thymus gland shrinks, many parts of the weakening immune system may go into dysfunction. This is VISUALLY apparent in balding persons due to the fact that you can SEE their autoimmune response in the form of thinning hair. The Thymuskin hairloss product developed in Germany, treats hairloss as an autoimmune disease and they work by applying a topical thymus extract to boost the bodies immune system.

The product ThymuSkin contains large quantities of granular extract containing thymosin made from the thymuses of calves. This extract is prepared by a specialized refining process which leaves the active thymosin in the tissue, which in turn may be applied topically and absorbed through the scalp and into the blood, causing an autoimmune neutralization effect (thus the hair regrowth) along with significant immune system boosting benefits. All this form an all natural substance which produces no adverse effects.

ThymuSkin's formulation for application as a cosmetic is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Canadian Health Protection Branch and the German Federal public health office (Bundesgesundheitsamt), among others.

If you are serious about finding a solution for hair loss, we strongly suggest that you Read D. Morton Walker's Book; "How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair" and convince yourself through sound education that ThymuSkin Works!

Role of the Thymus Gland in Immune System Reactions

White blood cells (leukocytes), seven thousand per cubic millimeter (7000/ml) in one drop of human blood seen microscopically, have 27.5 percent of them consisting of lymphocytes', the main fighting troops of the immune system. The lymphocytes' job is to circulate through the blood and tissues to locate, trap, and destroy the threatening antigen invaders. Two types of lymphocytic cells exist: the B-cells (the B-lymphocytes) migrate from the bone marrow. (The "B" part of B-cells indicates the source is bone marrow.) The T-cells (the T-lymphocytes) migrate from the thymus gland. (The "T" indicates their origin is the thymus.)

T-cells develop into various specialized kinds of cells responsible for cell-mediated immune reactions. Cell-mediated means that rather than responding directly to the presence of antigens by producing antibodies, T-cells influence neighboring white blood cells, so as to turn on or turn off (mediate) reactions within the immune system.

One type of T-lymphocyte known as the T-helper cells specifically induce the B-cells to "turn on" and respond to the presence of an antigen. They also stimulate another kind of T-cell, the Natural Killer cells (NK cells), to kill invading foreign cells by means of direct contact or by producing a cell poison (cytotoxin). In contrast, the T-suppressor cells regulate the immune response by "turning off" blood cellular activity. Under normal conditions there is a proven ratio of 1.8 T-helper cells for each T-suppressor cell.

Thus, a primary organ of the human immune system is the thymus, a ductless gland located deep in the chest under the breastbone. The thymus reaches its maximum size, relative body weight, during early childhood, and then begins to shrink. Shaped like a pyramid with many lobules, the superficial area of the thymus gland can be touched by tapping the top of the breastbone at the base of the neck.

If secretion from one's thymus is inadequate, it can be enhanced by ingesting quantities of glandular extracts made from the thymuses of calves. Such a glandular extract is referred to in medicine as a protomorphogen, and its medical application for body organ benefit is known as cellular organotrophy or just "cell therapy".

Besides taking the thymus protomorphogen orally, it can be injected intravenously (into a vein), intramuscularly (into a muscle), and subcutaneously (under the skin), or by sublingual (under the tongue) absorption. Easier still is topical (through the skin) application. Any of these methods thymus extract self-administration are advantageous to the immune system. The most convenient method of application, is to massage thymus extract into the scalp. Such an action will preserve hair against possible fallout, perhaps regrow hair that's been lost, and simultaneously boost the immune system for the building of necessary system T-lymphocytes. 

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