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   Thymuskin Shampoo   
The revolutionary hair product that has been successful thoroughout the world in the prevention of hair loss and to regrow hair


About Thymus

Thymuskin products have been shown to be effective for many types of hair loss including Thyroid related hair loss, Female Pattern Baldness, Male Pattern Baldness, Alopecia, Stress, Medication and illness related just to name a few. It treats hair loss as an autoimmune disease. It boosts your immune system with a topical thymus extract.

In October 1994, Dr. Morton Walker* was invited by the University of Munich to go to Germany to investigate studies done there by eight universities, including the Universities of Darmstadt, Munich, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Vienna.

Nine physicians - professors at the universities who were oncologists, dermatologists, gynecologists and general internists - participated in the production of a thymus gland extract called ThymuSkin, a product they developed primarily to help stop hairloss for cancer patients who were subjected to chemotherapy.

These physicians performed placebo controlled, double-blind studies on the effects of this product on hair loss in cancer patients. When the product was rubbed on the patient's scalp before he/she took a chemotherapeutic agent, there was no hair fallout -- hair loss was kept at a minimum. The German GMP subsequently declared the product to be a preventative for hair fallout for chemotherapy patients.

However, it was soon discovered by the research physicians that ThymuSkin was very effective against against rare types of hair loss and scalp disorders. So it was declared a treatment for the regrowth of hair. It has been proven to be effective for men 67% of the time, and for women 95% of the time who still have live hair follicles and 86% effective for alopecia areata. There are no known side effects with this product.

Complete remission in a 40 year old patient with alopecia areata totalis
after 18 months local treatment with ThymuSkin.

The pictures above are typical in nature and taken from the Double Blind Placebo Controlled Studies involving over 3000 participants, conducted in eight leading hospitals and university clinics throughout Europe:

Vienna City Hospital - Austria Dept.of Surgery, Municipal Clinics of Darmstadt - University of Frankfurt, Ruprecht - Karls University of Heidelberg - Gynecological Clinic, University Clinic of Meunster - Oncology / Surgery, Medical Clinic of the University of Munich - Dept of Hematology/Oncology, Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology - University of Osnabrueck, The Medical University of Hanover and the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg.

Partial remission of a 37 year old patient with alopecia areata universalis for
14 years before treatment, after 9 months local treatment with THYMUSKIN

Dr. Morton Walker's book, "How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair" (which you can purchase at this site) tells the whole story of the investigation and the studies, and provides the names and addresses of the doctors who participated. Thus you can verify that ThymuSkin is a medically sanctioned product that regrows hair when hair follicles are alive but dormant.

Using the Product

The thymus extract product is massaged into the hair and scalp daily until new hair growth is achieved, and every other day thereafter. For optimum results, best when used daily. After 3 to 9 months, depending on how long you have been bald, new, strong hair will begin to grow from your scalp. If your problem had persisted for over 5 years, it could take anywhere from 9 - 12 months to achieve results.

At the end of eighteen months you can stop using the product. Unlike other hair loss products, which require that you use them continuously or the new hair will fall out. You can discontinue the use of ThymuSkin, but the new hair remains and continues to grow because the hair follicle has been properly stimulated to keep growing hair on a continuous basis. There are no known side effects with this product.

What is ThymuSkin?

ThymuSkin is a product which is primarily a thymus gland extract preparation made from the thymus gland of a calf, which is a food substance. Thymuskin's original calf thymus extract has been replaced by a patented synthetic thymus peptide chain, therefore insuring quality products safe from any harmful effects (bse, etc.), while maintaining its proven hair growth capabilities.  All of us have a thymus gland, which produces thymosin. In children the gland is about the size of a walnut but, as we grow older, the thymus gland shrinks. When the thymus shrinks, the production of thymus cells is diminished, impacting the immune system. The fundamental mode of the ThymuSkin shampoo is the scalp cleansing effect via tiny penetrating thymus peptides. Since these peptides are broken down into the smallest sizes - only 300 angstroms in length - they diffuse themselves into the hair follicles better than any other mode of cleanser. ThymuSkin Shampoo cleans out each follicle freeing it from accumulated oil, dirt, sebaceous matter, debris and other waste. The family of Thymuskinproducts, which includes shampoos, conditioners and hair gels, simply takes the place of your current hair cleansing products.

Baldness Is An Auto-Immune Disease

Baldness is connected to an auto-immune disease. The German physicians discovered that baldness is not just the result of excessive testosterone and hormonal problems in the body. Baldness is actually a disease that results from the body attacking itself.

The body regards the hair follicles as something growing too fast, so it sends out white blood cells, leukocytes, to attack the hair follicles, which it considers to be foreign invaders. The hair follicles are so damaged by the attack of the leukocytes that they let go of the hair strands, and hair falls out. Eventually, the result is baldness.

Endocrine Dysfunction

Men also lose hair as a result of excess testosterone. The testosterone combines with and enzyme in the body which converts it to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair to fall out. The thymus extract acts as a coating for the hair, so that the hair follicles do not respond to the DHT and the hair no longer falls out. To read more about DHT related hair loss click here

Alopecia Areata Universalis / Totalis / Telogen Effluvium / Diffusa

Alopecia universalis is total hair loss for the entire body, and alopecia totalis means hair loss from the neck up, which are both extensions of areata. When the thymus extract is put on the scalp, hair regrows wherever it is supposed to grow on the body. The thymus extract works exceedingly well for these types of condition and was shown to be 86% effective for alopecia. Also, see ourtestimonial page for results from our customers.

Thymuskin versus Rogaine, Propecia and Avacor : Unlike Rogaine, Propecia & Avacor, Thymuskin has no adverse side effects. Rogaine, Propecia and Avacor must be used continually or you will lose any results that you may have gained. Thymuskin does not need to be used for continually and therefore is more cost effective. Thymuskin can be used by adults and children. These are just a few brief reasons why Thymuskin is the better choice. For this month's special offers click here.

Diffuse forms of hair loss

"Extensive studies, including those at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg and at the Heidelberg University Women's Hospital, produced astonishing results in the early 90s. Hair loss in female cancer patients could be inhibited considerably, depending on the type of cancer and chemotherapy used. At the Darmstadt Hospital dermatology department, new hair growth was observed in 86% of cases after patients with diffuse hair loss were treated with thymuskin hair shampoo and hair masks for 12 months. The number of hairs lost per day fell from 245 hairs before start of therapy to 10 hairs after 12 months."


*Dr. Morton Walker

Dr Morton Walker has long been recognized as the world's leading medical journalist specializing in holistic medicines. He is the author of 64 published books, and more than 1600 published magazine, newspaper and clinical journal articles.

He has won 23 medical journalism awards and medals, and received the 1992 Humanitarian Award from The American Cancer Control Society, the 1981 Orthomolecular Award from the American Institute of Preventive Medicine, and two prestigious Jesse Neal Editorial Achievement Awards from the American Business Press. His books include "Smart Nutrients","The Yeast Syndrome", "The Healing Powers of Chelation Therapy", "Orthomolecular Nutrition", "Toxic Metal Syndrome", "Pain", "Pain Go Away", and "How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair". To hear a radio interview with Dr. Morton Walker about the history and development of the Thymuskin Products Click Here

Some facts about hair loss:

  • 40 million men and 20 million women suffer from hair loss

  • Scalp hair grows at a rate of about 1 cm (just under 1/2 an inch) a month

  • Some hairstyles, like braiding can cause hair loss - Styles that pull or put tension on the hairs

  • For less than $1.50/day Thymuskin can help you can regrow your hair and you do not need to use it for the rest of your life!

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