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I will be going through chemotherapy, when should I begin using your product?
It is recommended to start using the product 2 weeks prior to the start of the chemotherapy.

Are there any side affects with this product?
There are no adverse side affects with this product.

How Long do I have to use the product?
The manufacturer recommends using the product for about 18 months. You can stop using the product at that time and the new hair will remain.

How long does the 100ml size last and how long does the 200ml size last?
The 100ml size lasts approximately 6-8 weeks using it on a daily basis and the 200ml size lasts approximately 3-4 months using it on a daily basis.

How often should I use the shampoo and treatment lotion?
It is recommended to use the shampoo and treatment lotion at least once a day.

Is the hair gel a styling gel?
The hair gel is not a styling gel. The hair gel is a higher concentration of the treatment lotion and can be applied on a dry scalp. This product is to be used in conjunction with the shampoo and treatment lotion. You might apply the in the evening and go to sleep with it spread over the scalp; then in the morning shampoo it away and put on the lotion for the balance of the working day. Because the hair gel is more concentrated it could promote hair growth more quickly.

How often can I use the Creme Rinse/Conditioner?
You can use the Creme Rinse/Conditioner everyday if you prefer.

Do perms, dyeing or highlighting have any effect on the product?
Perms, dyeing and highlighting for hair have no adverse effect on the success of treating with ThymuSkin. However, it is recommended that you should use high-quality branded products for these purposes. And afterward, neutralize possible abuse of your hair follicles by reapplying the ThymuSkin Creme Rinse/Conditioner.

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