The greatest risk for harm from Nuclear Terrorism is any large population downwind of a Nuclear Power plant.

Illinois is the state with the most Nuclear Power facilities with 13 licensed to operate and a new one coming on line. The 8-million+ populations of Chicago and the surrounding smaller cities are at great risk. "What does *at risk* mean"? CLICK HERE

See the top map for number of Nuclear Power plants per state.

The second area at risk is the Pennsylvania/New York area. (Remember the infamous Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant accident near Harrisburg, PA, which endangered the lives of over 650,000 people in only a 20-mile radius?)

The bottom map is a Nuclear Attack Fallout map. It shows how fallout from a Nuclear Power Plant will travel with the wind patterns.

While a Nuclear Plant is unlikely to explode like a bomb it can be extremely dangerous. A Nuclear Plant houses more than a hundred times the radiation of an atomic bomb blast, that can be released as fallout. 

If terrorists successfully attacked just one of the 100+ reactors in the US, the losses could reach well beyond 100,000 deaths from fallout radiation poisoning and billions of dollars. 

You must have KIO3 on hand before a nuclear event occurs to protect you and your family. Read more HERE