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The revolutionary hair product that has been successful throughout the world in the prevention of hair loss.
 It's as simple as shampooing your hair!
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Take your pick from a whole wealth of information about hair. You will find tips on specific issues on how to treat hair and skin problems.

You can place your trust in the 20 years of experience in research, development, products and clinical trials of medical and dermatological hair and skin care preparations of Thmuskin.

The ThymuSkin line of products, developed in Germany for the prevention of hair loss, have been proven clinically effective in independent studies conducted during the past Twenty years. These products, which have been successfully used throughout Europe for many years, are now brought to you by 1-866-866-GROW(4769), a distributor for ThymuSkin hair regrowth products.


Thymuskin Product Line




There are many reasons why hair loss occurs: genetic trait, systemic disease, Thyroid conditions, hormonal defect, drug side effect, aging, anticancer treatment, skin disorder, stress, menopause etc.Whatever the reason, for many people hair loss can present a serious social embarrassment for men and, more especially, for women. Thymuskin was shown to be 95% effective for female pattern baldness and 67% effective for male pattern baldness. Of all of the anti-alopecia formulas on the market, Thymuskin is the most thoroughly researched, effective hair regrowth product available today.

Thymuskin has been shown to reverse many different types of Alopecia including; Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Universalis, Alopecia Totalis, Patchy Alopecia. To read more about the effects of Thymuskin on Alopecia Click Here.

Thymuskin can be found in tens of thousands of pharmacies in Germany itself and thousands more throughout Europe because it works!

ThymuSkin brings new hope to those suffering from hair loss & those wanting to stimulate hair regrowth, with a treatment that is as simple as shampooing your hair. The family of ThymuSkin products, which includes shampoos, treatment lotions, conditioners and hair gels, simply takes the place of your current hair cleansing products. Thymuskin's original calf thymus extract has been replaced by a patented synthetic thymus peptide chain, therefore insuring quality products safe from any harmful effects (bse, etc.), While maintaining its proven hair growth and hair regrowth capabilities. 

The fundamental mode of the ThymuSkin shampoo is the scalp cleansing effect via tiny penetrating thymus peptides. Since these peptides are broken down into the smallest sizes - only 300 angstroms in length - they diffuse themselves into the hair follicles better than any other mode of cleanser. ThymuSkin Shampoo cleans out each follicle freeing it from accumulated oil, dirt, debris and other waste. Many specialists believe that baldness is an autoimmune disease in which the balding person's own white blood cells are recognizing hair follicles as "foreign proteins" which need to be eliminated.


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Five things you should know about Thymuskin

1. Thymuskin stops hair loss and activates new hair growth and regeneration.

2. Thymuskin also has a proven effect on very severe, congenital hair loss.

3. It has proved successful for over 25 years for millions of people with hair and skin problems.

4. It contains a unique active ingredient complex made from nature-identical Thymuskin peptides and vitamins.

5. Its positive effects have been confirmed by several skin clinics and university hospitals in Germany  

Take time to check out the ThymuSkin product line, learn more about how ThymuSkin works, or to learn about Thymuskin's history and even request reports of independent clinical studies from U.S. Research, Inc. If you would like to read the testimonials from our customers that have used the products click here.

Audio Interview with Dr. Morton WalkerAudio Interview with Dr. Morton Walker

Click here to read a transcript interview with

Dr. Morton Walker, author of "Bald No More" on the Senior Radio Network

Thymuskin® was developed, and is produced by
Klett-Loch GmbH

A Successful Company:

This product-performance-related philosophy soon resulted in a runaway success for the company. Thymuskin® sets the trend both in product performance and in marketing.

Thymuskin has become the embodiment of the successful product launch. International recognition is reflected in a wide range of clinical publications and in the company’s working relationships with leading pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Research and Studies: the Cornerstones of Our Work

As a result of years of intensive research work, in close collaboration with the teaching hospitals of Heidelberg and Mannheim, the Darmstadt clinic for dermatology, and a large number of other well-known dermatological clinics and research institutes, the premier preparation came into being. Thymuskin soon became one of the most successful products offered in pharmacies for the treatment of hair problems -- androgenetic hair loss in particular. Multi-center and placebo-controlled, double blind studies, continuous communication with doctors and pharmacists, and evaluation of the feedback from consumers keep Thymuskin at the cutting-edge in its formulation and galenism.

The content of this research work has the modes of action of peptides and the development of pharmaceuticals at its core. Our years of research work in the areas of:
• Hair/skin
• Immunology
• Nutrition

will result in the launch of additional new products and product lines in the near future.


Diana wrote: Thank you for your prompt shipment of the ThymuSkin Shampoo,Hair Treatment, Gel and Hair Mask.I have only been using your products for about a week and a half and have noticed my hair has stopped falling out when Icomb it. My hair feels so much stronger and healthier.I have very thin,light colored and fine hair so you can see my scalp and bald spots.I'm hoping I will see new growth in the coming months. I really love these products!!

Marilyn Wrote: What a wonderful product! I have a thyroid condition and had thinning hair for about 10 years. I have tried numerous products but none worked for me. I have used Thymuskin for about 2 months and I have significant growth. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all the little hairs standing up like little soldiers. It was a wonderfuld feeling. I have told severeal people about this great product. Thank you so very, very much.

Asha Wrote: I was having hypo thyroidism for 4 years and I ordered the shampoo and treatment lotion..amazingly within 2 months I got much thicker hair and my hair stopped shedding.

Date: 3/08 Cindy Wrote:

We could be a spokesperson for your product. My daughter was completely bald and once we started using your product we watched her hair grow in at a rapid rate! She has a full beautiful head of hair in less than a year, ponytails and all! Thank you.

Date: 3/10 Janet Wrote:

Hi, my name is Janet I started using Thymuskin when I noticed that I could see my scalp had barely any hair on it. My hairdresser told me it was probably due to the amount of surgeries I had in a period of time (anesthesia) and the meds I was taking. The interesting thing about this is that I worked taking orders for the products on an 800 telephone service. In the years prior I had been taking orders for the compay. I chose Thymuskin because in all the years I had been taking orders I only received one complaint. I decided to try it even though it is expensive., It worked very well. Every time I had surgery, the hair came back with the use of Thymuskin.  I have reached a point where I don't use it daily anymore and the last time I got a haircut the girl told me I sure have a lot of hair.

To read many testimonials from our customers click here.

For frequently asked questions please click here to visit our FAQ page.

 Thyroid and postpartum hairloss In March 1991, Elise L. Heinrich of Frankfurt, Germany, a happily married thirty-two-year-old woman who had undergone one prior miscarriage and subsequent temporary thinning of the hair, gave birth to a healthy baby. But she lost a lot more hair within four weeks of the delivery. Mrs. Heinrich's hair finally stopped falling after a year, but no new growth returned and bare scalp was apparent. Then, the new mother's baldness worsened even further over the next six months after she stopped nursing. Her obstetrician/gynecologist tried many remedies but after another half-year managed to do nothing much to help her. Wearing a wig became a way of life, for she remained totally bald. Mrs. Heinrich had taken no medications other than oral contraceptives. She complained of feeling tired all the time. Results of the patient's physical examination and history were normal, but her laboratory examination revealed hypothyroidism (a low thyroid level) and infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), causing chronic fatigue syndrome. These abnormalities -- prior pregnancy, discontinuance of nursing, using oral contraceptives, hypothyroidism, EBV infection -- could have triggered her underlying androgenetic alopecia, said a skin specialist at the Municipal Clinics at Darmstadt. Else L. Heinrich eventually got rid of her alopecia within another six months of applying the ThymuSkin® treatment program which is recommended by the entire dermatological staff at the Darmstadt Hospital in Germany.

Although ThymuSkin is sold over the counter in the U.S., it has undergone extensive testing and studies and is manufactured under the strict guidelines of the German GMP which is equivalent to the FDA standards in the U.S.

But don't delay in the treatment of your hair loss. The earlier that treatment is started, the more likely that the desired results will be achieved. Order ThymuSkin today, and start treating your own hair loss condition. We have a price match guarantee!


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Thymuskin Shampoo is an international supplier & distributor of ThymuSkin hair loss treatment products. Thymuskin actively works to stop hair loss in men & women and stimulates new hair growth.


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